Group Biography

The Cat's Pajamas Vocal Band is comprised of Skinner, Liam Ryan, Joshua David Evans, Donovan Germain, and Michael Samsky.

Since 2005 the group has toured nationally and abroad and has brought their unique, high energy brand of a cappella to hundreds of thousands.

The group has been seen on multiple TV shows, cruise ships, and Performing Arts Centers around the world.

Now the group is based in Branson, MO, where they perform 5 shows per week at Music City Centre Theatre.

Group Members

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Liam Ryan

Lead, Baritone

Joshua David Evans

Lead, Tenor

Michael Samsky

Lead, Lo-Tenor

Donovan Germain

High Tenor, Air Guitar

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Did You Know?

The Cat's Pajamas currently have members from Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Georgia.